ECO Bomb Calorimeter

Affordable. Compact. Cost-Effective.


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The ECO Bomb Calorimeter System.

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Affordable. Compact. Cost-Effective.

The ECO Bomb Calorimeter is the most affordable of the DDS Scientific product range.

The ECO is the most Compact and Cost-Effective of all the models on offer.


The ECO can handle 1 determination in an hour. It has been designed with the academic User in mind. It is ideal for low volume sample requirements

typically found in Educational Institutions.



The ECO Bomb calorimeter can handle 1 determination in an hour.



The ECO Bomb Calorimeter System is packaged complete with : Calorimeter, Filling Station
and Two Vessels.



The ECO Calorimeter is TUV Certified. The ECO calorimeter is easy to use with LCD prompts. The ECO calorimeter stores 1024 results and other variables.


Watch the "Using the CAL2K ECO Bomb Calorimeter".

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